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segment shall not exceed the smaller of one third the
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diarrhoea. The temperature usually ranged between 28 and 39
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be removed ? Unless this i> rhoronghly done, it i- WMV-e than
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and the buildings have been thoroughly disinfected. Compel
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R802.3.2 Ceiling joists lapped. Ends of ceiling joists
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In the intestinal or abdominal form the usual sudden onset and
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or their toxins unite with the constituents of such tissues so as
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syphilitic patients on whom a small dose may well be tried and,
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and usually the presence of the specific microbes in the blood and
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ELLIOTT P. JOSLIN, M.5., AssisUnt in the Theory and Practice of Physic.
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demonstrations, and recitations. In the first week the systematic lectures
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look for. As a case in point may be mentioned a patient who
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antiseptics, some of which are neither destructive to liviiig tis-
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of eight weeks each in Clinical Medicine and two in Diseases
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EDWARD M. BUCKINGHAM, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of ChUdren.
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Prance on January 11th. He recovered in about two weeks.
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referred upon a financial basis of share and share, are equally
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port fatigue and privation as few others could. On one occasion he worked,
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of the commercial spirit in our profession as well. The pro-
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]>atient was operated September 21, 1908, and as far as freedom
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his brain without suspicion ; 3,713 of these deaths were between
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walls shall be determined in accordance with Tables
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ing an offensive odor. Adhesions and fringes on the pleura are
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was given. President Charles W. Eliot, who some years later
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represent the average interval between exposure and the onset of
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mental cancer, if placed in a continuous external temperature
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microns. In jaundice, by retention, on the contrary, we get
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Murphy button in 1892, cholecystoenterostomy, which had
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was suggested by many that these lectures were getting much
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and so often fatal results. The remedy for this condition is, of
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little volume to use, either for the student or as a practitioner's

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