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Dr. H. O. Feiss (1902) has opened an office at 418 Lennox Building.
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men, to ascertain the amount of fatigue at diiferent stages of
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the later phases, many with heart defects of a more or less
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geon can be sure that he has removed every trace of malignancy,
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As you are aware, the Academy held a special meeting in
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Chase, Julian Augustine, M.D. 1872, 22 Park Place, Pawtucket.
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died every hour to save their country, twelve babies died at
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to 69.6 kilos on September 14Jth. On September 14th the blood
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university, became the head of the department, with the title of
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background. This is as it should be, provided the teacher
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Section i. All graduates of the Harvard Medical School
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R6 13.5.1. SIPs headers shall be continuous sections without
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before the dead-house stage of the disease is reached !"
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Course, The disease may reach a fatal termination in twelve
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House. Surgical treatment and operations will be exhibited in the same
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we are reproached for such a state of things as -that? We can
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In the treatment of cancer of the vagina or vulva post-
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troublesome to use, and the dressing takes longer. In theory a
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Hendry, to send the necessary articles for proper equipment.
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tions. The following year, 1867, the City Council appropriated
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sissippi Valley, of springy, swampy or mucky soils elsewhere,
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Kimball, Horace, M.D. 1834, Plainville, N.J. June 10, 1895.
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to remove the pus and tenacious mouth and pharyngeal secre-
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still few and far between; and fortunate, indeed, was the man
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second half of the year, consisting entirely of clinical work.
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able for exterior exposure and contact with the ground. Per-
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have come to hand, mostly have done this work faithfully and
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With strength and health improved, and urged by financial con-
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repair is started. If the structure has sustained damage, any
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c. For wind design, minimum 4-inch-nomtnal wall is permitted in unshaded cells with no number.
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' •, - . ^ . r • iw^t-.- -^i; nn iicn rrancrs .re .irnieu rrrarri
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The following appointments were made by the new Toronto
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common . When concentrated on the pharynx there are extension
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always fascinated and impressed his classes. But all this was the
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The library consists of complete sets of the most important histological and
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the numerous minute centers of purulent infection. The stomachs
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