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decrease the effect on renal structures of substances excreted'

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others in its staining and cultural peculiarities, as well as in the

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every medical faculty in the country, ensured from the outset

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of lesion may be largely climatic. Even the lung plague of the

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treated is placed in a wardrobe, the interior of which is con-

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physical bodily health of individuals as do these different

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tions and salaries for the two new subjects ; and after these

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A hospital fund has been started and an appeal is being

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tion of which was educational. The work of the Eugenic

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1790. The lectures began October 6, and were concluded No-

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epizootic, but absolutely excludes the possibility of that disease

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on center shall be permitted to be attached to their support-

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b. Tabulated lengths in the "minimum" column are based on the requirement of Section 6.1 .4.1 of ASCE 7 that the main windforce-resisting system be designed

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Texas.— Dr. Frederick Terrell, 188 1, San Antonio.

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AE503.1 Skirting and permanent perimeter enclosures.

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MAURICE P. O. VEJUX-TYRODE. M.D., AssisUnt in Pharmacology.

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State Fire Marshal as complying with the requirements

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contagious enthusiasm; while Dr. Ellis was quiet, composed,

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robbed that dread complication of many of its horrors.

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of the individual selected for your highest office — the first year

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article on the subject which was first published in

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Symptoms in Acute Type, In contrast with erysipelas these may

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**Do not hesitate a moment,*' said I. *' Study medicine,

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redoubtable surgical complication. If such wounds are the seat

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niph (49 m/s) in accordance with Figure R301.2(4)A]

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Drs. W. R. Ober (1901), J. B. Ferguson (1902), A. A. Barrows (1902),

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venereal diseases are now in operation at Kingston, London

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goat, sheep, pig, mouse, Guinea pig, rabbit, white rat, cat, dog,

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repeated heated and prolonged discussion in the Medical Faculty.

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Just vv^hat is meant by this term it is difficult to determine

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