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and violent onset, deeper, darker congestion of visible mucosae,
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engaged in agricultural pursuits. In 1856 he moved to New Bedford, and
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whereby they can go wrong. I see the body, like a great deal
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George Shattuck Whiteside, M.D. 1897, Boston, Mass.
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niph (49 m/s) in accordance with Figure R301.2(4)A]
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Arts and Sciences to refuse my mite towards the promotion of so generous a
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TuLLY, Edward Joseph, M.D. 1892, 96 Main Street, Fitchburg.
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tV. Dr. Malcolm Storer will give touch courses at St. Elisabeth's
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progressive extensions that characterize the ulcers of glanders.
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Arthur Thomson, M.A.. Toronto; Hugh Duncan Veitch, Win-
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allied conditions designated as fibrositis, lumbago, sciatica,
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We print below a letter from the Associate Professor of Physiology
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quarters on Blossom Street have become quite insufficient. It
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strange to see an auto standing up besidfe a manure pile, it,
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loads on the anchor are other than direct withdrawal shall be
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by a structure whereby the cost of restoring the structure to its
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for the finer side of life. It is very sad to know that
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In presenting this ])ortrait of .Tenner; I feel that I have a
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ing Component Safety Information (CFSBCSI) Guide to
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no complications to fear and no risk of general infection ; the
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CHARLES HARRINGTON, M.D., Assistant Professor of Hygiene.
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chusetts General Hospital in 1820, and then passed out of view
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abraded surface, the clot forms backward along the line from
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lawyer, up in Worcester County by an opponent, *''It is ex-
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in chemistry in the past and present it is interesting and impor-
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turer, but not less than four fasteners per strip shingle or
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in use: methylene blue suggested by ChauflFard; salvarsan advo-
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In 1887 still another assistant, Dr. C. W. Townsend, became
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renal pelvis and parenchyma. At its lower end this system

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