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FRANKLIN G. BALCH« M.D., AssisUnt in Clinical and Operative Surgery.
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era cases, 16 sickened and died. Six of these had already shown
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peared just above the outer extremity of the left eyebrow. It
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mum depth of concrete over the width of the opening of 8
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previously approved alternative arrangements than it was
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be fabricated from joist and track members having a mini-
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It is the object of the new Medical School to have affiliated
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was recognized during the whole of his iirofessional career as
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which we are trying to stamp out. Out of a large herd
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their Grand Lodge for a fund of $1,000,000 for Base Hospital
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26, 1916, from wounds received while reconnoitring during the
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east shadows. A shadow, however, clinches the diagnosis and
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fact that manufacturers of neosalvarsan admit this to be the
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keener insight into surgical routine, methods, and emergencies
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come to these schools, and who retain through life a loyal allegiance
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since its employment goes back to 1904. It has been in use in
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the technique has been improved. A sequence of solutions
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matters. His address was received with great enthusiasm.
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and Ashley Cooper, Alberta; W. Lawson, H. Mustard and
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This is the first mention in the catalogue (1859-60) of any
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point, plasticity, and adhesiveness. Caaes were treated in the
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patients use these certificates to get leave of absence
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I infections, doubtful in Type II, and absolutely negative in
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determining the value of any antigen. If it were possible to
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and the specialties, should be based largely upon the examination
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immediately began the practice of medicine in Boston ; but, becoming inter-
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society, medical, surgical, nursing, hospital, and other ex-
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in observing our patients. They justify the conclusion that
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For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 1 pound per square foot = 0.0479 kPa.
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a normal condition, nor is such an individual in condition to
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sell or dispose of their bodies if they saw fit. The Revolutionary
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shall call for them to assist him in clinching his diagnosis. Thus
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combined input rating of the appliances in this installation,
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the umbilical cord is infiltrated and the placental membranes
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absence of two years, in the course of which he. had made himself
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Burnam,* also, in speaking of the use of radium in cancer
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others we have not mentioned he asks whether such a substance
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very much greater than under the system of Dispensary cases
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decision as to what branch of hospital service he shall enter
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Medicine, and graduated M.B. from the University of Toronto

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