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In 1858 the Harvard Catalogue, using the words of the Tre-

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J. E. McAskill, W. F. Nicholson, Paul Poisson, W. D. Rorison

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inch w.c. (125 Pa). Tables 402.4(3), 402.4(4), 402.4(10),

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Colonel John F. Head, retired (1843), 2015 R Street, N.W., Wash-

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iOEL E. GOLDTHWAIT, M.D., Assistant in Orthopedics.

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Fourth year. — An elective laboratory course in Physiological Research

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Size of equipment bonding jumper on load side of service . . . .

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deal with the Allen treatment, which has revolutionized both

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Top of lintel greater than W/2 below bottom of opening in story above

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Tknnessee.— Dr. W. A. Applegate, 1882, yiii Market Street, Chattanooga.

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Standard for Performance-rated Engineered Wood Siding

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is no separate department of Clinical Medicine, nor does the

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Broyer, Constant, M.D. 1879, Grattan Street, Melbourne.

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authorities that the medical treatment of returned men until

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visits, and other exercises. The teaching for the second, third, and

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attachment of wall coverings shall be designed to resist the

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free to move with thermal expansion. For chimneys more

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suites or apartments. Each family lives independent of the

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two coats, provided the total thickness is as set forth in

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Lt.-Col. E. B. Hardie, O.C, Toronto Base Hospital (Old

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argue the case. It is your business to instruct the court, to

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to 1892, was president of the New York Obstetric Society from 1886 to 18881

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AR106 Decks and balconies that are evacuation locations.

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stated that there are fifty lectures on midwifery, and others

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the more imperative, for food ])articles disint^rate in the

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common school education was by no means universal; but what

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AG100.2 Construction permit; safety features required.

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AF103.4 Entry routes. Potential radon entry routes shall be

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cases so remarkable as to be almost incredible. Xewcomet*

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physical improvement 1 was discharged and still remains in

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and Dr. (later Professor) W. H. Baker was appointed assist-

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Hospital and the Boston City Hospital, and also includes a course

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