Dermaset At Ulta

" Diphtheria and Diphtheria Carriers." A. H. Speers, Bur-
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pneumonia, July 16th, 1917. He was a graduate of Trinity
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ally to epitheliomata of the face, in which operation may entail
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A son, Danforth, was bom to the wife of Lieutenant Charles Norton
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TSNNBSSEB. — Dr. W. A. Applegate, 1882, yiij Market Street, Chatta-
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injection of the blood of healthy animals or even of fine foreign
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}>erience is a great teacher, but that he charges like a specialist.
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tise themselves as being business men, and this reproach " that
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point, the fact remains and seems to be gathering strength that
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City, that Mr. John D. Rockefeller was disposed to make
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and I remember that on the first snow-storm we had I dug out
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medical faculty in 18 10, giving notice of the removal of the school
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ing bequests were made to various faculties of McGill Uni-
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The kidney possesses the very remarkable power of being
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extract), in this way rendering them more sensitive and, there-
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pricking the collections and washing daily or oftener with astrin-
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in such raising of its standard points to a slow but sure recov-
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cases of strangles, and in districts into which contagious pneu-
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the Association be called on or before ^N'ovember 1st, to pass
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entiation of the organs, the history of the placenta, and the general mor-
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abandoned two years ago, and of the new building to which
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a pre-cancerous lesion of some kind, such as a scaly spot, ex-
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March 25, 1916, 800 milligram-hours of radium was applied
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Tell him what questions to ask. Advise him thoroughly.
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designed and installed in accordance with AISI S100, Sec-
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R1001.1 General. Masonry fireplaces shall be constructed in
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The course of study reauired in this School for the degree of M.D. is of four years' duration.

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