Reviews Dermasilk Skin Perfect

antiseptics, some of which are neither destructive to liviiig tis-
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detected over a tender intercostal area, but soon giving place to
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When a h5rperplasia (fungus growth) has formed at any point
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Dr. Jno. Reed McCaroll, who graduated M.B., Toronto Uni-
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Victoria University in 1887. He was one of the best known
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general way that problem of surgical therapy as the American
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After the course in surgical technic the student is required to serve
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86. He also offers an operative and touch course in September. Fee, $25.
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chiefly from the food and drink consumed by persons suifering
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mers, and devoting himself to agriculture and an outdoor life.
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give a very thorough, comprehensive education. Within
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of the fetlock, pastern, metacarpus or metatarsus, and exception-
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in Europe, receiving the degree of M.D. from the University of Berlin
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the visible mucosae, red or violet discoloration of the skin in spots
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of the school has a library. Excavations are being made for
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XLBRIDGE G. CUTLER, M.D., Instructor in the Theory and Practice of Physic.
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Dr. Jackson received his early education in the schools of New-
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Dr. Andrew MacPhail (Major), of Montreal, was doing: in
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joints shall have the ends sealed with caulking, installed
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complex problems. At present most of the wounded, includ-
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to indicate that as a destroyer of spirocha'ta) cacodylate of
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Fourth year, — An elective laboratory course in Physiological Research is
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Specification for Polybutylene (PB) Plastic Hot- and Cold-water Distribution System Table M2101.1
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was bought, which was then thought quite sufficient for the
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County of Berwick, Scotland, though the most important years
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permitted to be used as reinforcement at the ends of
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