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flashing consisting of a 4-inch- wide (102 mm) strip of felt
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ing surgeon of the military hospital in Boston. This hospital
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began his new duties in July, 1777. and held the position until the
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tion of the disease may be from one to eight weeks.
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mortality, and 688 cases treated by operation with a mortality
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general practitioner, mostly in country places — for many of these
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one lecture a week during the first half-year. For the practical work at the
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that could not be interpreted. He was pale and thin, ran'an
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for these men, and they even do better in the general hospitals.
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usually of surgical ambitions, found himself on leaving the
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such as the United States Consumer Product Safety Commis-
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decided opinion. But let us suppose that the Govern-
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Occasionally, surgeons, in discussing the relative merits of
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nishes ample means of illustration. In connection with the work a special
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8 feet. Assume single-wall metal connectors will be used with
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since the virulence here encountered is high and spreads
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That a sufficient number of returned men be induced to
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inches (203 mm) from the centerline each way and shall
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the internal angle of the L. The building is of brick, with
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the envelopes. We regret that this occurred, and hope those men
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label on each floor and in accessible attics. The label shall
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mediate operation. Dr. Abadie has published a book on this
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much larger, and the number sent to the Hospital for the In-
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together. Union is made with horse hair on the front and
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of radium, but there is no doubt that very unpleasant toxic
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this country needs thorough reformation. The course of profes-
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the world knows the " Canadians " and never again will we be
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lid. Sumps used as the suction point in a subslab depres-
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Section 8-7 (clearances for solid-fuel-burning appliances),
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on suppurating internal inflammations, ulcerative endocarditis, or
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in this affair. The object of the society was chiefly to regulate
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HENRY P. BOWDITCH, M.D., LL.D., D.Sc, C^orge HiKginson, Profewor of Physiology.

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