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C. E. Ashton had been appoiniid Acting Adj.-Gen. in succession

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greater or less degree with the bicarbonate, forming in due

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AE301.1 Initial installation. A manufactured home shall not

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April 15, 1863, he received an appointment as acting assistant surgeon

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and, in the case of radium, in adequate amounts. Harrison

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glands, the degree of alteration usually bearing a ratio to the

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1. The maximum tolerance shall be 3 / 4 inch (19.1 mm)

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term, when the numbers attending the visits had become

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in January: Drs. J. C. McClelland, J. B. Hanley, J. S. Doug-

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mm). Gypsum board ceilings shall be attached to cold-

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this Medical School. It is more clear, more precise, more hope-

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work have also written their names on the tablets of history

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overtook so many of the soldiers of the Northern army, when the mine

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is a concise manual, but that the work loses none of its clearness

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the actual mandatory requirements of the code, see the indicated section of text.

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thirty years. Three eras mark the progress of biliary surgery.

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retirement of Dr. Knight came the appointment of Dr. E. N.

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lib. Ophthalmology, Otology, Laryngolory, Le^l Medicine, Hygiene, Clinical Microficopy,

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service departments, a publicity bureau and a library. Already

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member of the Boston School Committee and School Board for six years. He

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November 25th. He is an officer in the C.A.M.C, and is at

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All writers on the s\ibject emj)hasize the importance of

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been held in Toronto, liegina, Toronto, and now in Qiieber^,

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tl. Instruction in Mental Diseases will be given, under the charge of

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and sight rather than taste and smell. As to sensori-motor

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the infection through mangers, racks, fodders, drinking troughs

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requirements of this paragraph, except the size requirements

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When we turn to the sy^mpathetic nervous system there are

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found, he is immediately sent back to the Base Hos-

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ground and on-ground pools shall be designed and con-

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doctor of Boston, who said that he had just come from attend-

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. HENRY P. BOWDITCH, M.D., LL.D., D.Sc, Professor of Physiology.

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To dissect the three parts of the body to the satisfaction of the demon-

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strated capability to permit depressurization across the

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(1) The alarm verification feature is not initially enabled unless conditions or occupant activities that are

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duties as citizens of a young, able, boastful country, which

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Thcj retain the excessive karvokinetic tendency of their imme-

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with a 6-inch (152 mm) spacing at the side laps. Under-

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