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with the fond hope of enjoying inde])endence and domestic
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far careless himself that the law says, "It is your fault that
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of labor, to receive clinical instruction on at least one of them, to care for
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pensary for Women and Children on Staniford Street once a
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Sect. 4. The Council shall have the power to appoint, from
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lying down, perhaps in one certain position. Any movement
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for the protection of young children against infection. Schools
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stones, of cholecystitis and of common duct obstruction. Again
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Danforth, a leading practitioner and at that time the most eminent
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In Part I he gives a number of definitions of various medi-
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so that a small sample is sufficient. Where water appears at valve B, or where the sample indicates that the
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at first felt greatly alarmed for the safety of his son, and at first
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combustion and internal respiration existed. Animal heat was
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not, perhaps, when coupled with other facts, have a bear-
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with more convincing force than the increased understanding of
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Canada now has an institution which is comparable in the
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service which they do. Prevention of disease is an essential
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i Minor Surgery. One course in October and November, and the
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3^'' ^^< t^ fa I t: 1' I' d i fs .fa I' i!< §5
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samples of Grape-Nuts, Instant Postum and Post Toasties for
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was read and accepted. The Treasurer, Dr. W. H,' Prescott, then sub-
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Hooper, Frankun Henry, M.D. 1877, Boston, Mass. November, 1892.
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method, the didactic method, and what we may call the modern
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as a result, 2,782 alumni voted against the proposed change, and
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excitement may have roused cardiac palpitations. The tempera-
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at the present time almost the whole of this has to be imported.
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ELLIOTT P. JOSLIN. M.lS , AssUunt in the Theory and Practice of Physic.
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in good condition, possibly some slight defect, or it may be
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CP.: Chemically Pure; U.S.P.: United States Pharmacopoeia 96.5%.
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of their time in such a way as to accomplish the great objects of
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EDWARD W. TAYLOR. M.D., Instructor hi Neuropathology.
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acute, less in chronic. Prevention : segregation, exclusion of all sheep from
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the clinical phenomena which came before him, and which he in-
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ber. His subject was " Experimental and Clinical Observations con-
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portion thereof shall be provided with exits as required by
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the end. Never give a patient up. If you give him up,
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few, while family clans were large, brought about, in the course of
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this preliminary meeting is for the building official to gain an
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failing consideration he showed for others, death, in summoning him to
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3. The Instrtiction in Auscultation and Percussion given
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waterflow detection devices shall include a manual fire alarm box to initiate a signal to the supervising station.
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the manure must be so treated as to destroy the larvae of flies.
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is only a common and universal law of Nature. That the object
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