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was a mortality of three and one-half per cent., although many
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his professional work he was much interested in natural history.
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Chronic Cases : symptoms more slight, but great loss of condition. Diagno-
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Hence the danger of infection in deep wounds the recesses of
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object in view, the results have been satisfactory.
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of life in the sick-room instead of the sedate and solemn aspects. But if
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Pictet, Gohierand others along the rich alluvial river- bottoms
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EUGENE pi. SMITH, D.M.D., Professor of Mechanical Dentistry and Orthodontia, and
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exercises. The teaching for the second, third, and fourth years is graded and
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of illness, and has finally educated him (if I may use that
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to the horizontal wall reinforcement and be within 4 inches
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obtained, and on its state and preservation. For more than
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Principles of design of multistory vents using vent connector and common
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E3802.7 Raceways in wet locations above grade 300.9
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Physiology (3 hrs.), Physiological and Pathological Chemistry (3 hrs.).
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autumnal hay fever is'Ilagweed Pollen Extract. Its use is
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■• Dissolve the soap in sufficient water to make, with the chalk,
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expedients where a case of operative surgery was concerned. While sur-
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amongst the many thousands of men of the Canadian Expe-
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York members, that it might be advisable to hold the meeting and
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Total Vent Height (H) column to 30 feet and across the 3-foot
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in Winnipeg in 1881, 'and after some years of general practice
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Mrs. W. H. Jeifs ; First Vice-President, Mrs. J. W. S. McCul-
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mine the required CSST size of each section of the piping
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it was not infrequent, — this because obstetrics are better
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rapidly. After the wound is opened the packiufr should be
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Kltration above mentioned is used, the radium may he left in
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there used to be, and the following is a list of those who are
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the greater reddening of the visible mucosae, the comparative ab-
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only been as conversant with the dissection of the lower ani-
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ground expedients, solicit cases upon which they may try their
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Dr. Donald Myers, of Toronto, went to Ottawa February
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fact, it will usher in a reign of " peace and good-will to men."
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Bavaria in 1821, a cholera with blotching of the skin (morbus
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examination. The first examination in the Diseases of Children
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Bbvbrly Macmonaglb, M.D. 1876, of San Francisco, Cal.
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the ulcer which had now formed, it measured about one inch
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cable detail in Figure R6 11.7(2). One of the bars at

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