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In the autumn it came to the knowledge of Dr. J. Collins

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Febraary and March, 1807. (Read June 4, 1807.) M. M. S. VoL II.

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ological and pathological chemistry, as well as in the original gen-

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few letters of this period are preserved ; but the close interest in

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splendid achievement. Of this great transformation Dr. Holyoke

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In 1873 Dr. Charles P. Putnam was appointed Lecturer on

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tion. In war surgery what is most dreaded is shock, for until

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iiiilil he was over .SO years of ai>(\ and oven up .1<> within a few

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Third Year.— Theory and Practice, Clinical Medicine, Surgery. Clinical Surgery, Obstet-

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putations, lithotomy (lateral), the removal of external tumors,

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recting it, he asked what I should have done had he been in-

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University. He was a veteran of the South African War, and

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juice, diluted with one quarter the quantity of water; the apple

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Knowing the previous history of the patient, the diagnosis

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siding, fastener withdrawal and fastener head pull-through

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that time was estimated at $3.50 or {3.00 a week for board and

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and the larynx scjjarated n]>wards as far n]» a- i> cmpaiible

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Crosby, Walter Theodore, M.D. 1899, 15 Pemberton Building.

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rarely, shell wounds frequently, are complicated. Ila^mothorax

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The intelligent patient usually inquires whether there is

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hoof, leading to offensive fistulae or evulsion of the hoof. If it

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ence between him and the representatives of the Harvard

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Exception: The installation or replacement of glass

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I. COLLINS WARREN, M.D.. LL.D.. Hon. F.R.C.S.. Moscley Professor of Suigeiy.

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anti'isolysinSy agglutinins develop anti-agglutinins, precipitins

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the most able alienists in North America. He was for several

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United States steamship "Machias," now at Djibouti, East Africa.

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be held in Toronto on Maj 30th, 31st, and June Isit, 1917, in

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tion of well-meaning fools, have had free trade granted to them

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Demonstrator In Medicine, Toronto University, Assistant Physician,

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syphilis, particularly of the gummatous variety, in eonjimction

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