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answer you the questions contained in it as precisely as I can.

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and consisted of sixty-five lectures given by both professors

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jecture that it was imported into America from Europe in im-

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Surgeon Eugene P. Stone (1884), recently on the U.S. Steamship

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that of men, and one soon notes his affection for the

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AF103.6.2 Multiple vent pipes. In buildings where inte-

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No. 4 bar [Grade 40 (280 MPa)] shall be provided on

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for the automatic entry and exit of flood waters to minimize

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friends would still want doctors to go and take care of them,

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doubt about the fact that they and other Associations

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MAURICE P. O. VEJUX-TYRODE. M.D., AssisUnt in Pharmacology.

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a. See Section R6 and Note c to Table R61 1.7(1 A) for application of reduction factors in this table. This reduction is not permitted for "minimum"

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and dark blood, and thus tend to a greater tenacity, and less

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labeled and shall be installed and terminated in accordance

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various size, heated to 125° C. (257° F.) and then cooled to 70**

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case treated by radium were given, including charts showing

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of the old Toronto General Hospital on Gerrard Street East,

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