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return to the fighting line. 4. Electrotherapy, fully and ef-

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Accessory Causes. These agree in the main with those of hog

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Dr. A. W. Parsons (1880) has returned to the City of Mexico after mak-

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fitted there for Harvard College, which he entered in 1856. He did

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first in private classes at his own library, later in the Boylston

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tireless energy, an inflexible will, and an ardent zeal for righteous

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the nasal chambers. Adenoids play an important role in the

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tions, quickly rest dies both ha^mic and general vitality.

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daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mason Young. Dr. and Mrs. Barney are at

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Across the hall from this is a large space, as yet unfinished,

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AE305.5.4 Final inspection. When finish grading and the

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patients with matter which he had brought with him from London,

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enson, Secretary of the Trades and Labor 'Council, as the author

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their minds about building, and handed the whole sum over to

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times of peace. This is due to several factors : 1,-

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of this country is producing now an a gigantic scale, and to

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course of events, would have been at once rejected. However,

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a water-resistive barrier is required over studs or

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Others, less intelligent, have been satisfied to learn to be time-

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Mills, George Westgate, M.D. 1879, 60 Salem Street, Medford.

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ing School for Feeble-Minded, Vineland, l^.J. ; Member of

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department incurs thereby an infirmary charge of $4, which

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was physician in turn to Georf^e IV, William IV and Victoria,

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a material way there is not another department of the Univer-

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The physicians who, in the presence of this state of things,

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laboratory work: twenty-two hours a week are required during October,

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stroy Inoperable Carcinoma of the Uterus and Vagina. Surgery,

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tobacco is found uniformly to produce a considerable rise in

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Dr. George S. Eddy (1866) has been touring the South and West during

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the facts which count in his favor. The history of every sci-

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area of the dwelling unit, the work shall be considered a

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connector is not recommended. Moving to the next larger size

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in the Chair. Dr. G. S. Cameron presented the report of the

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187a. John Francis Couch died at Somerville Jan. 4, 1903. He

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