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married early in September to Miss Susan Reid, of Charleston.

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their cases tried, and the uncertainty of how long each will

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suits and expert testimony are the features of the subject dwelt upon.

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l)r, Geurgc Biiniliaiii, of Peterljoroiigli, died ai his liunu' in

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tology. Neurology, Ophthalmology, Otology, Hygiene.

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sensitive. The authors believe that this action of the iodides

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instmments of precision and develops the use of the micro-

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evacuation routes to attics. In Group R-3 occupancies, evacu-

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shillings. Huts were erected at exposed situations along the

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cine were reduced to $20 and $15 respectively. Lectures were to

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recently tried to produce anastomosis with the formation of a

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Jones, John Clark, M.D. 1895, 1684 Beacon Street, Brookline.

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ciety, Division 17, A. O. H.; Boston Charitable Irish Society; and the

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Building Code. Metal-sheet roof coverings installed over

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" In my early years I noticed, as others have done, that in peri-

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medical men ; if there is any shortage the amount of suffering

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be real reason for brevity, and the Government should be as

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disease. There are so many maladies to be thought of that the

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produce antiprecipitins^ immune body secures anti-immune body^

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queathed the sum of $2,000 for the better support of the Professor

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it is highly desirable to associate Comparative Anatomy and

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the severe symptoms disappear altogether on the fourth day,

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company with various visiting surgeons at the two hospitals, the

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first radium treatment that day of twenty milligram hours, the

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*The lines printed here and later in quotation-marks are taken, unless otherwise stated, from

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and distinctly painful and jaundice appears with the i&rst sign

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(2) Papaveriiip, narcK)tin and narcein tend to inhibit the

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Dr. George S. Richards (1886) has recently completed his book on

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acids contain hydrogen (H) ions and all bases contain

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All cores shall meet the requirements of Section R316.

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shall be fabricated with 90- or 135-degree (1.57 or 2.36

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only increases the solid elements of the blood, but also acts as

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to an innately organized force to be free, an instinct which is

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