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operative radiation was given of 130 milligram-hours. Three

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three days to five, the whole body swarming with bacilli. Rab-

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twelve hours to ten, and to 316 on a further shortening to eight

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be carefully w^atched for, and if present, the location, intensity

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is equal to or greater than that of the lintel without stirrups that has been increased.

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disinfectants may be employed but are much less promising. The

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in doubt. You must, above all, maintain a hopeful spirit to

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number of articles of any writer, Dr. Warren following him with

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take endless pains. He was one of the prime movers in the

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Two physiologicii 1 |iiiiiri|iles underlie the exinilsion of

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lymph acted well on the boy. On 1st July, 1796, Jenner

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1. When the masonry heater wall is at least 8 inches

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century, a generation after Warren's student days, the clinical

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may be a trauma, as from bruise, puncture, operation, ligature, or

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you going to do? You are in a tight corner and get out of it

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Dr, David W. Parker (1903) has opened an office at 961 Elm Street,

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of the Society, tho' the good of the University is the pretext, the

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listen to evidence of filth. The most glaring case, about two

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hereafter will in part be based upon the characteristics we present members

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tube, which can be inserted directly into a tumor mass or into

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the health of the ])atients. The Judge also stated that no

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JiLLSON, Frankun Campbbll, M.D. 1886, II Hastings Street, West

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Dr. Hobart E. Warren (1894), of Denver, was in Boston for a few

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" empiricism, authority, and theory ruled the practice of the worid

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wade through chilly soft mud reaching to the knees or above, and

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to it that our new Fellows, as they are elected, receive instruc-

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way to Paris, where she was delivered of a girl in the course of

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with a long table in the middle and with a dozen large arm-

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Tlic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is still eminently

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a purulent or gangrenous cholecystitis, we removed the gall-

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