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other subjects, didactic lectures were of not much very real
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emy, he entered Harvard College. He was a member of the class of
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had been regarded as tuberculous and treated accordingly.
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sticky material, and finally a thick, opaque, mucopurulent flow.
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nasi, midway between the tip of the nose and the naso-labial fold
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prevailing affection was variola or a less dangerous skin disease.
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This is one of the most important additions to the hospital
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public affairs, and shortly before his death his friends were
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Just a year after his return from Europe Dr. Jackson took a new
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impossible that X-ray therapeutics will undergo very consider-
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vehicles by which they reached the shipping point. They should
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If the candidates had been admitted to degrees in the Arts, they were ex-
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Until 1902 he resided at Wakefield, but for the past two years at New-
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takes on a yellow tint and sheds its hair and epidermis. The dis-
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should be used without mixing with water in the proper proportions, because these materials tend to thicken near
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medical profession, and it is one of the reasons why the standing
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exist with the microbe of haemorrhagic septicaemia, and, when this
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are the rule, while pulmonary consolidation and gastro-intestinal
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Symptoms, i. Acute Form. There is a sudden marked rise
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Harwood, Charles Hamant, M.D. 1892, 907 Boylston Street.
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There is in our country no such thing as j)rivilego of a
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tional consultants should be appointed, and that there
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The peritoneum is congested, petechiated, thickened, and more
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varsan and its congeners, the authors draw the following con-
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FRANKLIN DEXTER, M.D., Associate Professor of Anatomy.
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birth, in due measure, to the various organs of the body ; health
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attending them, and their method of cure; and, whenever the
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septic material, and absorption occurs with its varied train of
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pitals. Let these men receive special and individual instruction
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of the first division of the Nineteenth Army Corps, was present at the
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Jeffries, John Amory, M.D. 1884, Boston, Mass. March 26, 1892.
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tion and ecnso and not the nonsense of the situation.
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During the last two weeks of the course students who have performed the
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an isolation ward with 40 beds — total 1,080. There
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first toward the establishment of the new department.
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Assistant Surgeon. He was first ordered to the Army Medical School
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where he was ])lac(xi in charge in a depot of surgical supplies.
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June Ist, 1917. The Committee of General Purposes met on
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for services rendered to the sufferers at Arica, Peru, where there had been
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conjunctiva only moderately yellow, a slightly yellowish dis-
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tricity from the standpoint of the wounded soldier, concludes
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Underlayment shall be attached using metal or plastic
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for building the new Brigham Hospital in aflSliation with the
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been passed, the physician is all too liable to relax his vigilancd
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tending the Montreal Meeting because of being ordered to join
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R703.5.3 Attachment. Each shake or shingle shall be held
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a purulent or gangrenous cholecystitis, we removed the gall-
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gift. Provision is made for the teaching of Comparative Anat-
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friend to dine at the Revere House, and on their way throu^
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by religious men, and in addition to the ethical training they
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3. These must be used on an appropriate subject. The
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given by the subordinates has been irregular and unsyste-
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its history of almost a century of scientific and Uterary work.
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monary tuberculosis, to be erected in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He

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