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married to Elizabeth Aspinwall Pulsifer. daughter of Captain Robert S.

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Colonel Herbert Bruce, of Toronto, was "somewhere in

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Borrell, whose well-knowa facility and clean-cut, lucid demon-

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of the Board of Directors of the sanatorium for the treatment of pul-

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To present a certificate that he has satisfactorily served as a surgical

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openings in the grates or similar protective devices

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is equal to or greater than that of the lintel without stirrups that has been increased.

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that not a few physicians are even yet very sceptical regarding

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notification and of prostitution. He would rather institute a

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He attended the Roxbury Latin School, and then entered the academic

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use in the course in physiology. Adjoining it on a high stand

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surgeons, two house officers of the junior grade at the main hospital,

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laboratory course is given on the pathological histology and parasitism of

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body. In many cases there follows merely a local cellulitis, while

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Height (H) column to 30 feet and across this row to find the

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ment of goats from any infected flock until the disease has been

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in the university, one of the Theory and Practice of Physic, one

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Dr. Pierce E. Somers (1903), of Portland, has been practising dtuing

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tion undoubtedly to a great many doctors, who see in the ex-

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TSNNBSSEB. — Dr. W. A. Applegate, 1882, yiij Market Street, Chatta-

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For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 1 pound per square foot = 0.0479 kPa.

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itself, carry the germ which becomes so fatal to the susceptible.

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wounds, with a compound of chlorine and boric acid, which

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remedies, siich as balsam of Peru, B-naphthol, etc., have been

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The. hospital is in charge of Miss Laura Coleman, super-

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Dr. Walter L. Munro (1885) was a guest and speaker at a recent

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given him. If he is approbated on this last examination, he is ordered to

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arteries in mammals arise symmetrically, as in reptiles, and has

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various places in the Philippines. During the cholera epidemic Captain

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The one hundred and twenty-second annual meeting of

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82 — 09 Standard on Incinerators and Waste Linen Handling Systems and Equipment G2427.2.3

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( the leg muscles may have practically disappeared ) , the bones stand

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At the onset there is some fever (loi® F.), dullness and inap-

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