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waiter to the proper floor, and from there carried by a mes-
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However short the time spent in his company, one could not but feel
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it in vitro (Ogilvie method), and considering the brilliant
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student of anatomy, and in the winter of 1859-60 Jie entered the Harvard
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University, I was appointed to the Chair of Science in the
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life have modified habits of diet, and whether, in any'iustances.
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Cobourg; K. M. Shorey, Napanee; G. F. Sills, Tweed; L. D.
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for one-half the circumference of the gut. He radiated, using
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Showing head enlargement, and bony deformities. The heart was much
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(5) Referring to the appropriate sizing table (based on
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multiplied by 1.05. If the increased span exceeds the allowable clear span for a lintel of the same depth and loading condition with stirrups, the top and
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prevailing affection was variola or a less dangerous skin disease.
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palmar surface of the distal phalanx of the thumb. It extended
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some diseases (tetanus) it has little or no effect.
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extensive dropsy under the sternum ; percussion and auscultation
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contagious, and a wave of depression once set up by injudicious
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(Dissertations must be legibly written, and must be suitabl}'
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Wilbur, Joshua Green, M.D. 1862, Brookljm, New York, N.Y. June
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least of that graduating class in 1856 has carried out to the letter
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few months of hostilities. The particular micro-organism re-
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the edges and tip. The persistence of these two clinical forms,
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in size and equipment to their uses. The rooms in the new
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Bachelor of Arts required a grade above D in at least one-half of a
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within the required friction head loss. Static pressure
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ment of the disease has been made. An open air life, a generous
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R804.2.4 Fastening requirements. Screws for steel-to-
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conditions is dwelt on in the exercises in the departments of Theory and
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of helpfulness, and for taking at his best every one whom he met.
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story is less than 10 feet (3048 mm), the unreduced val-
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solve: there are many others, such as, how to cope with the ter-
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proved so cumbersome and onerous that in 1902 it was replaced
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CHARLES H. BOXMEYER, A.B., in Comparaiivc Pathology.
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honor of Professors Macdonald, A.B. (1892), Damon, A.B. (1894), aiid
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July 6th, from injuries sustained in a collision with an auto-
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