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seated on a stool for examination, and this we find better than

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ditionary Force in Canada. This comparative freedom on the

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33. Dr. F. S. Watson will give a course on Genito-urinary Surgery from

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hospital, or of public health, the effect of legislation has been

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History was unobtainable, as patient spoke a Russian dialect

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x868. Dr. Josiah L. Hall died at his home in Brookline, Dec. 21,

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November i and February i. ' These will consist of eighteen or

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RoTCH, Thomas Morgan, M.D. 1874, i97 Commonwealth Avenue.

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1885-6, Condamine in Cochin China in 1868, and Guillbeau and

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accordance with this chapter and the manufacturer's

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whiskey certificates. Dr. A. MacLaren, of London, at once

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cerebro-spinal fluid, and the electrical reactions completing

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of those methods which especially are of value for the diagnosis,

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first. The students go around in sections of one-third of the

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animal is slow and somewhat uncertain, and when introduced by

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most popular physicians of Canada. He was one of the most


nerves, either from a somatic disorder in the meninges or in the

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liminary dose of this vaccine provided the instances of high

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uterine haemorrhage, chronic endometritis and cervicitis.

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fically processed (which includes long baking) it is easily digested

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Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amoey Hare, M.D., Profes-

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<ind the like, are held resj)onsible for a large class of ocular in-

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this and other deadly infections of swine is the radical extinction


presented a memorial asking for the change. In this memorial

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made in Florence|and by every truly valuable work with plates as it appears.

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and other combustible material shall have a clearance of not

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latter is then given in association with eg^ yolk, scraped raw

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by the addition of Cutaneous Diseases, under the charge of

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ing pneumococci. These have been found to show no- common

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author believes that the syphilitic virus after copulation readily

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The British authorities have confirmed the report that in the

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same as the minimum fee established by the building

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