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To have reached sixteen editions is abundant jiroof that

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arrangement Column 1 of Table API 03.3(1) provides a

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It is also true that the relatively low rank under which

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during February, March, and April at the new McLean Hospital at Waverley,

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hitherto supposed. Dr. Bremer has shown that the pulmonary

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that the whole effort of the organism is to obtain an " atmos-

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weeks dtiring the winter for the discussion of cases and stated subjects.

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Dr. Frank L, D. Rust (1897) was married to Miss Ethel Haskins in New

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application of an endurable or supportable degree of tempera-

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quarter of a century later, gave so powerful an impulse. My

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AE600.1 General. This section is applicable only where spe-

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3d. With a minimum dose of a germ of little potency, and in a

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injury. He was born at Victoria Harbour 43 years ago, and

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and ceilings in any work area shall comply with the require-

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ally Medical Officers of Health. Two things were soon dis-

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terested in the question, the agitation was soon renewed by the

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operations are upon children. The class-room of the Throat

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We possess several addresses delivered by him before the stu-

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The third sign is rapidity of the heart's action, and un-

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ground and on-ground pools shall be designed and con-

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know Dr. Hastings is about to seek legislation for the licensing

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and overcrowded; over 500 filthy hovels in a most ruinous

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tematic notes of his patients' illnesses, not from lack of industry,

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practice. Pathological processes may be first medical and later

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1916, 167 cases only of typhoid fever were reported as having

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They believe that the same result can be obtained by the intra-

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dementia praecox cases, manic depressive cases, epileptics, im-

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the roof framing member s/rafters) shall be permitted if all the

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Tennessbb.— Dr. W. A. Applegate, 1882, 711^ Market Street, Chatta-

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supposed irresistible impulse? (I shall assume that there is

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forcible terms, the dangers to be apprehended from the small-pox, and then contrasts, in parallel

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inches (305 mm) between side laps with a 6-inch (152

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when Sir James Paget first described it some forty years ago.

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practised a great many years. He was a member of the Masons, Odd

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when the sheep are confined. Standing on manure heaps in

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Official utterance is a very sharp weapon, and if used in-

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