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ment is at least very temporary. The patients treated with the

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since a Bachelor's degree was required for admission, has sixteen

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Life of Dr. James Jackson. By James J. Putnam, M.D. . . . 333

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mine the existence of the spirocha3te. One-third of the autopsies

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(3) Using the row marked 60 feet (18 288 mm) in Table

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The course of study reauired in this School for the degree of M.D. is of four years' duration.

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the ceiling joist or by using a 54-mil (1.37 mm) clip

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secure absolute safety, so here we should keep the milk supply

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of sepsis or pain, the healthy new skin resulting, without con-

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tion is performed by the bride's father among the Sakais,

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a. This figure applies to smooth new copper tubing with recessed (streamline) soldered joints and to the actual sizes of types indicated on the diagram.

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meaning was conveyed in our review of Dr. Joslin's l>ook on

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See Title 24, Part 6, Figure 100.1 -A— California Cli-

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less there are indications that stimulation is required, and they

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Phnnsyi^vania. — Dr. P. J. Eaton, 1888, 131 N. Highland Avenue, Pittsburg.

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xo. An Address at the Funeral of John Gorham. (31st of March, 1829.)

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claims that the disease starts in a cocco-bacillus (Pasteurella), only

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The Harvard Club of Kansas City, in which all of the medical alumni

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patients may be saved from a critical operation. Fully 60 per

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HuDDLBSTON, JoHN Henry, M.D. 1 89 1, 1 26 West 85th Street.

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Fisher^ Chester Irving, M.D. 1870, 41 East 70th Street.

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rior windows and glass doors in buildings located in wind-

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ALEXANDER QUACKENBOSS, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology.

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may prefer. There are always a few patients retained at the Relief

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EDWIN A. LOCKE, .M.D, Assistant in Clinical Medicine.

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ten weeks after the first application of radium, although they

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E3609.5 Sizing bonding jumper on supply side of service and

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Dr. Gorham will give a private Course of Lectures on Chemistry, to the

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Hospital; Physician Toronto Hospital for Incurables.

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