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instruct the jury, to tell them the facts within your knowledge;

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referred to me for Radium Treatment a patient with the fol-

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duce filth ferments, but, where there are no specific plague-germs,

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In other cases death may be delayed for three or four weeks,

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former friend and patron, or the virulence with which he assailed

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palatable than ordinary tonics. The use of "Wincarnis" is indicated in

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If one asks the medical colleagues of Dr. Jackson who are still

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is held at rest in a plaster-like cast of paraffin, and a suitable

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action when present can be considered most excellent corro-

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into court; and the first thing that may strike you is that it

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ering classification and indicating their compliance with

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"If I give either of those answers, it won't be true. I wiH

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Apart from the microorganisms the whole class tends to show

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" Frightful ! Seventh Red Cross dance I've had to go to this

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sheathing. Wood shakes shall be attached to the roof with

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be said fairly for his client, but a great variety of things that

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clinics were extremely small, and the experience acquired in

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E 2634—08 Standard Specification for Flat Wall Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Systems R404., R61 1.4.4

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Daniels, Frank Herbert, M.D. 1884, 103 West 12 2d Street.

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lectures are supplemented by an optional course in practical pharmacy,

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We have to record with very deep regret the death of Dr.

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tion of disseminated cancer cells tend to retard or prevent recur-

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Boston during the siunmer. Dr. Edson is president of the Rocky Moim-

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