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The April meeting was held by the invitation of Dr. J. G. Perry

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January 26th. Previous to that he had spent one year with the

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he came to see me ;ig;iin. pi'cscnting the a])pearanee seen in Kig.

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she saw a boy on the other side of the street making faces at

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In this connection an interesting question arises as to

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have been able already to secure promises from professional

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tion about the head and general constitutional disturbance, which

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R1003.12 Clay flue lining (installation). Clay flue liners

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9. Text-book of a Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of

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well worth studying. It is interesting what clear and advanced

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makes practical all the work of the first years of study at the

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the time to know how he is getting on. Why don't you go to see

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a functional derangement on the part of the various glands of

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J. ORNE green, M.D., Clinical Professor of Otology.

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applicant may file a written appeal with the board of

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vegetable, were composed of the same elements as the inorganic

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after results of the gastro-intestinal disorders of infants and

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Location of working spaces and equipment 1 10.26(B); 230.70(A); and

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ing the city and going into the Territories, the Panhandle and

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Mass., with whom students will register their names and to whom

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wounded. Men who can assist in the urgent work in field am-

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the ofiices.of the school, a general reading-room for, the stu-

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augural address was one of the ablest and most com-

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Dr. Norman Allen, of Toronto, went on a motor trip to

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If the appliance cannot be moved closer to the vertical

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cal Society, in which brutes were dissected and demonstrations on the bones

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Vol. Ill), Le Fevre writes, " Increased elimination of the

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honorary fellow of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society, and honorary president

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nation m the branches already pursued by the class to which they seek admission.

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An out-patient department has recently been established at St. Vincent's

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influence him to make a will, or some other disposition of his

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1876. Enoch Quimby Marston died at Centre Sandwich, N.H., Feb.

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