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and the comparatively non- virulent hog cholera bacillus might

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enues from coffee have very materially diminished of late

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tain classes, and we are getting some results. Very often we

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scientist of to-day would wish for the people of England.

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only length used in determining the size of any section

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Miller^ M.D., First Assistant in Roentgenology at the ^layo

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In the Farewell Address he urges the' graduating class to " think

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commissure and arytenoid is hea]t]i\- it is saved and lifted

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EDWARD B. LANE, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Mental Diseases.

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In patients in whom I have quantitated sodium chloride

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tion of the nerve is of little importance when there are grave

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is permitted when installed either according to the require-

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Med. News, Jan. 14, 1899.) Med. Record, Aug. 6^ 1898.)

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septic surgery wsls, however, simply the adjunct of the scien-

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public health. A large number of the laity of Montreal showed

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dance with the provisions of this chapter. Roof assemblies

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Persistent ulceration of a lupus patch should make one

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